Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean by “Wget-compatible”?

It means that Wpull behaves similarly to Wget, but the internal machinery that powers Wpull is completely different from Wget.

What advantages does Wpull offer over Wget?

The motivation for the development of Wpull is to find a replacement for Wget that does not store URLs in memory and is scriptable.

Wpull has support for using a on-disk database so memory requirements remain constant. Wget only stores URLs in memory, Wget will eventually run out of memory if you want to crawl millions of URLs at once.

Another motivation is to provide hooks that accept/reject URLs during the crawl.

What advantages does Wget offer over Wpull?

Wget is much more mature and stable. With many developers working on Wget, bug fixes and features arrive faster.

Wget is also written in C which can handle text much faster. Wpull is written in Python which was not designed for blazing fast processing of data. This means that Wpull can be slow processing large documents.

How can change things while it is running? / Is there a GUI or web interface to make things easier?

Wpull does not offer a user-friendly interface to make changes as it runs at this time. However, please check out which is a web interface built on of Wpull

Wpull is giving an error or not performing correctly.

Check that you have the options correct. In most cases, it is a misunderstanding of Wget options.

Otherwise if Wpull is not doing what you want, please visit the issue tracker and see if your issue is there. If not, please inform the developers by creating a new issue.

When you open a new issue, GitHub provides a link to the guidelines document. Please read it to learn how to file a good bug report.

How can I help the development of Wpull? What are the development goals?

Please visit the [GitHub repository]( From there, you can take a look at:

  • The Contributing file for specific instructions on how to help
  • The issue tracker for current bugs and features
  • The Wiki for the roadmap of the project such as goals and statuses
  • And the code, of course

How can I chat or ask a question?

For chatting and quick questions, please visit the “unoffical” IRC channel: #archiveteam-bs on EFNet. (Click here if you do not have an IRC client.)

Alternatively if the discussion is lengthy, please use the issue tracker as described above. As a courtesy, if your question is answered on the issue tracker, please close the issue to mark your question as solved.

We highly prefer that you use IRC or the issue tracker. But email is also available: